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Marg Software

Marg Software had come up with the solutions which are prior beneficial for the Pharmacists. Marg Software with the motto of No more worries in handling pharmacies; No more troubles in keeping the records of medicine ;No more headache in maintaining stocks, bills developed Marg Pharmacy Software for the Pharmacists for the easy and conveniently handling their Pharmacy shops as it makes billing quite faster and easier. In Marg Pharmacy Software there are features for automatic updates on Negative Stocks, Prescription Pending, Expiry Stock alerts, Reminder regarding appointments

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Who we are

Innovation is the essence of what puts a company in the comity of successful ones. It's the very essence of what makes one company's products and services better than another's.Keeping this mantra in mind, a group of computer professionals made their foray into business & founded E-Compusoft Solution in 2010 with a drive to challenge the status quo. With every passing day, E-Compusoft Solution is exploring new horizons and successfully able to grasp the whole opportunity that drove in its way.We translate our dreams into reality. Nowadays we have very little time to look back but enjoying every moment. We have garnered our reputation through a spirit of innovation and hard work.

E-Compusoft Solution provides consulting & IT (Information Technology) services to its customers. E-Compusoft Solution envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible business practices that enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Software Solution & IT services with a focus on E-Business solution backed by its strong expertise in Internet technologies. We are professionals who are driven by the philosophy of customer satisfaction through Quality and Innovation.

E-Compusoft Solution has started in 2010 with unique vision of achieving the heights in Information Technology by caring and serving the people. Customer satisfaction is the key building block in the success of E-Compusoft Solution.

E-Compusoft Solution has worked with well-known MLM (Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing) Companies, Financial Institutions & Traditional Business to design, develop, deploy and maintain their on-line business processes. We believe, an open working relationship produces a positive and productive work environment that results in effective and low-cost solutions. We maximize the customer benefits by bringing the most innovative solutions.

E-Compusoft Solution respects for an individual. We value our ability to create and exceed high expectations. We value honesty, integrity, open and caring communications. We value attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse group of people to achieve both personal and corporate goals. We value an ownership mentality that encourages innovation and risk-taking. We value a spirit of cooperation, which is seen in our ability to perform in teams and partnerships. We value work that enables us to give back to our society.

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